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Here are some commonly asked questions about online marketing and web design in Oakville.

My website doesn’t come up when I search for products, services and areas that I provide.  Why not?
If your website is more than 2 years old, it is probably not search engine friendly.  If your site has never been optimized then the search engine crawlers, or ‘googlebots’ may have trouble indexing it for the correct terms. 

internet marketing seo toronto canadaI have a beautiful new website done by a design firm.  Why am I not being found?
-Website design and website marketing are two different things. 

Design is meant to bring in colors and graphic elements to please the viewer and present content. 

Website marketing is meant to bring visitors to your site through search engine results and referring sites. 


I like the look of my current site, but I need to get it optimized.  Do I have to change the design?
No, we can work with your current design, but may need to add pages and content along with modifying your current tags and elements.

I only sell in my town.  Would internet marketing work for me?
Absolutely.  Local search is becoming more and more important on the net.  We can help you appear for local search and local map boxes to reach your target clients.

Do I have to do the monthly promotion after my site is optimized?
You don’t have to do the promotion, but it is recommended.  If your industry is not very competitive, on-page optimization may be enough to help you rank in search engines for your keyword terms.  However, search engines also want to see authority and favour fresh content, so websites that are ignored by owners will be ignored by search engines as well.

How will I know this is working?
We put a tracker on your website and send you analytics every month or more often.  You will be able to view visitors to your site, along with time spent, keywords that brought them in, your most popular pages, etc.  Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing allows you to track and measure how your promotion is working and make adjustments to maximize engagement and conversion.

I have placed advertisements before. Why would internet marketing be better?
It is no secret that more and more people are turning to the internet to find goods and services. Traditional methods of marketing continue to decline while internet marketing and e-commerce continues to rise. When you place an ad in the paper, you are limited as to what you can say and who you can reach.

The ad will usually only appear for one day, one week or one issue, and there is no real way to track who has seen it. With internet marketing, your website is available for viewing 24/7 and any promotion you do continues to be on the web. You can also create a website, blogs, articles and more to promote your goods and services. You are not limited to a small article - you can write as much as you like. In addition, we put trackers on all of our client's websites, so you can actually view the amount of traffic you are getting each month.

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  • The internet is home to millions of sites and viewed by hundreds of millions of people each year.
  • Content and trends are rapidly changing and it can be confusing for people that are not constantly 'connected.
  • We simplify the internet for our clients, showing them the possibilites and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different engine optimization oakville toronto

By taking a comprehensive approach, Webmad marketing works with clients to inform and educate them to make informed decisions.

We work with you month after month to build your online presence. Our marketing packages range from budget to advanced promo strategies targeted to reach the customers for your business.