Targeted Web Traffic Ontario Canadaresearch website optimization Every day, there are millions of people on the internet. Whatever service you offer or products you sell, there are people searching for them online. However, if you only do business locally, people in other parts of the world - or other industries - are not your target. Those are not visitors you need at your site to boost your business.

Traffic is good, but quality traffic is better. In fact, we can tell you how many people are looking for a product or service like yours every month. Then we can help them find you.

Targeting traffic means optimizing your website for keywords, phrases and content that will attract the right type of traffic - the customer that is looking for your local product or service.

Quality, targeted traffic means higher conversion - and more business for you. Your website should be your number one salesperson. The leads generated should be potential customers. It is important to reach the right people to achieve your objectives, like increased sales, new territories, brand recognition, etc. We begin by understanding what you are selling and who you want to sell it to, then make a list of tarket market segments. This is when our reserch begins:

  1. Consumer Analysis
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Industry Analysis and Trends

We uncover the keywords and phrases that will attract the right traffic and drive them to your site. Your website is built/optimized to reach your target market segments. At WebMAD, we follow the latest search engine techniques and best practices to keep you at the top of the search results - month after month.

Webmad operated by Web Commerce Canada Inc. is your one-stop internet marketing shop

We combine content creation, web design and a thorough analysis of your competitive landscape based on research to optimize your site. Next, we build a comprehensive Internet Marketing program to grow your leads and authority over time. Get more traffic to your website by ranking in search engine results for your keywords.

Website Optimization

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Are you doing everything you can to drive your internet business - like press releases, articles, blogs, web 2.0 marketing, directory submissions, social media, video, mobile, bookmarking services and search engine optimization?

Are you building structured, quality back links to help rank your site?

Let WebMAD do your internet promotion so you can concentrate on your core business.

Get WebMAD for your website and local internet marketing.



  • research internet marketing website design torontoMillions of People Are Searching the Web

  • Are they finding YOUR business?
    If not, they are probably finding your competition.

    Webmad works with local businesses to help them increase their traffic both on the web and in their storefronts.

    Is it easy for potential customers to find your website on search engines for Google, Yahoo! and Bing (MSN)?

    If you are not on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd page - you are nowhere. Let us build your online profile - starting with the most important sales tool: your website. In addition to organic search, we can build your business profile on the web through advertising, social media, mobile and more.